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Important Photo Requirements For DV Lottery 2022

When someone emigrates to the United States of America, one of his or her long term goals may include securing the United States citizenship. However, attaining the United States citizenship is not an easy task, by any stretch of the imagination. Before applying for naturalization, an immigrant should achieve a green card or in official terms – Form I-551. Greencard or Diversity Visa is the first thing one need to have before applying for naturalization.The validity of Form I-551 is 10 years.

Applying for a green card is not a relatively easy task. There are some steps where you cannot mess up else; it could even lead to disqualification. If you are new to this webpage, I advise you to go through our preivous posts for getting a gist about DV Lottery process. It is pretty much important to carefully arrange every documents right from your passport size photos to your job records. We will start our journey of DV lottery application right from the basic greencard lottery photo requirements.

US GreenCard 2022 Photo Requirements

We will be explaining the photo requirements just with solving all the probable questions in your mind. To start with.

  • Can I use my passport photo for the Green Card Lottery?

Well, the most basic thing needed for filling the online form is having multiple copies of your passport size photos. Having any such passport size photo won’t do the trick here, there are strict guidelines which you has to be followed.

It is important to note that the date of the photo in the passport is very important if you are submitting the same photo for the Green Card lottery. One should always use recent photos, by recent i mean atleast by 6 months. All the uploaded photos should meet the photo requirements given by the USCIS. When I say, the photo should not be older than 6 months, there will be some clarifications needed. Well, my next answer clears all your doubts regarding the age.

  • When Should I Click My Passport Size Photo For GreenCard Lottery?

In addition to your photo the greencard portal may ask you to upload photos of your spouse, children and may be even your extended family members too. There are cases where applicants have passed through the first stage of filter with old photos.But they were disqualified eventually in the later stages. So move your body buddy, get out and click a damn photo, you are chasing your dreams here.

  • What Background Should I Use?

Greencard Photo Requirements

When it comes to background of your passport size photo, it is should be completely white with no shadows. Consult a near by photo studio and let them know about your requirements. It will hardly take few minutes to get your photo ready.

  • What Should Be The Optimal Head Position?

There are some standard head positions for clicking passport size photos, you just have to follow those. Well, you don’t have to put your head on it. Your photographer will be knowing his work and I am sure he will do it perfectly as this is no herculean task.

optimal head position for greencard lottery

Anyway, let me brief about the head position. Your head should be centred and be clearly visible. The top of the head including the hair, to the bottom of the chin, must be between 50% and 69% of the image’s total height. The eye height (measured from the bottom of the image to the level of the eyes) should be between 56% and 69% of the image’s height. The eyes need to be fully opened, clearly visible and must face the camera. The facial expression must be neutral.

  • Is It Okay To Use Head Coverings?

Head Coverings For GreenCard Lottery

Yea, this is going to be the most important thing, let me get it straight. Head coverings are not permitted at all. If you upload your passport size photos with head coverings, it will be straight reject. So, keep your religion and fashion style apart and click a normal photo. When I say head coverings, it includes, burkah, cap, and other items which completely covers your head. However United States being a diverse country doesnt have strict restriction on head coverings if it is a part of your religion. Scarves which full reveal your complete face clearly is allowed. It is advised to click the photo without any coverings, why risking your chances?

  •  Can I Have My Glasses In My Photos?

USCIS strongly prohibits any kind of glasses, either it be sunglasses or visual aid.

  • What Contrast Must The Photo Have For The Green Card Lottery?

You must submit a colour photo with a minimum colour depth of 24 bits. 24 bits is nothing but 8 bits of each of Red, Green, and Blue. The photo should not have any kind of shadows and must neither be underexposed nor be overexposed.

  • Is It Okay To Digitally Edit Photos?

You are allowed to edit your passport size photos digitally to some extend. But, I personally recommend you to avoid unecessary editing as it may even lead to your rejection. While editing photos, there is a huge risk it may alter the technical combinations required. As mentioned earlier, using a white sheet or a light blanket as the background is recommended over editing out the background.

  • What Should Be The Ideal Size And Format?

While registering for the Green Card Lottery, make sure that you submit a digital photo with a resolution of at least 600×600 to a maximum of 1200×1200 pixels in size and does not exceed 240 KB. Make sure that your photo is very sharp and that there are no visible pixels.

One should submit the digital photo in jpeg format. If you are scanning and uploading the photo, make sure your scanner has the ability to scan with a resoultion of 300dpi.

  • Can I Change My Already Uploaded Photo In USCIS Portal?

If your photo does not meet the requirements mentioned above, you will be disqualified from the process. However, the US authorities will not give feedback regarding your Green Card Lottery application.

Greencard Lottery Photos of Babies and Family Members – Photo Requirements

As mentioned earlier in the article, you may have to upload photos of your spouse, infants and children. USCIS has given a clear guideline on how to click and upload photos of infants for Greencard Lottery. So, it is extremely important to have a look at how to click photos of infants. You simply can’t click a photo on your mobile and upload it on USCIS portal. It may give a direct reject.

The head should be in the middle of the photo and face the camera directly so that the entire face is visible.

When taking the photo of infants and babies, some steps that should be followed are:

  1. There is no other person other than the baby in the photo.
  2. The child does not wear a pacifier.
  3. The face is not covered.
  4. The eyes are open.

Placing the baby on a white sheet or blanket and taking the photo from above is the most recommended way of taking a baby’s photo.

Well let me give you a easy to use checklist which might become handy for you while uploading photos in USCIS portal.

Checklist For DV Lottery Photos

Well, even if you have skipped through some of the important points mentioned above, I request you to have look at the checklist before uploading your photos to the portal.

  • Light-coloured and plain background
  • The top of the head including the hair, to the bottom of the chin must be between 50% and 69% of the image’s total height.
  • The head must not be tilted up, down or to the side and should directly face the camera.
  • The photo should not have shadows and must neither be underexposed nor be overexposed.
  • Minimum or no digital image edits
  • Face must not be covered except for religious reasons. Even for those reasons, the face from forehead to chin must be revealed
  • Glasses are not allowed
  • Photo size – 51x51mm
  • Resolution – 600×600 pixels
  • Size and format – Maximum 240 KB JPG file
  • Photo age – Not older than 6 months

I hope you have loved reading my comprehensive and informative article on DV lottery photo requirements. If you are still having some kind of doubts regarding the requirements, please do share it under the comment section. I will try to settle all your queries as fast as I can. Meanwhile, Subscribe to our mailer for getting latest updates on DV lottery and other US Visa news.

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