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What Is PERM and Why Is it Important? – PERMChecker Process Explained


Every year millions of people apply for US Greencard lottery or The Diversity Visa program by USCIS out of those millions of applications, only a handful of lucky people will get selecteed. Being a lottery system, the entry into the United States has become completely luck based. Your qualifications, Your skills, Your smartness none of those will matter in the Diversity visa process, but once you get into the land of fortune these things plays an increased role in how you lead your life in the United States. One major worry every applicant reported to us is, will they be able to get a good job according to their qualifications in the US? Well, to be frank intially the chances may look bleak but through right approach and attitude one can easily land on a dream job in the US. Some of you might have crossed accrosed the phrase PERMChecker. If not, don’t worry you will eventually hear it. In this article we will provide you insights on PERM and how PERMChecker works.

What is PERM ?

PERM is expanded as Program Electronic Review Management. Let me break it down for you, PERM is nothing but your first step to sponsorship by your employer. As per the rule of the land, it is mandatory for your employer to file PERM before availing your services in their institution as a permanent employee. In layman language, PERM is just a permanent labour certification issued by the DOL’s Employment and Training Administration and it is the most basic document one should possess.

Major part of PERM Checking process includes the below mentioned steps

(i) Labour Market Test

Every company in the United States who is willing to avail services from personel outside of the country should undergo this test. It is nothing but a market test to make sure that there is no eligilble person with the required skill set in the United States for the position in which they are hiring a foreign individual.

Top Permcheckers To Check Status

One can check their status of Perm through various ways, in here we will be listing down some of the top permcheckers available for checking your status online. is the top most used website for checking your permstatus. avoids long queues and lengthy phone calls. Every applicant will be provided with a case number after registering, is pretty straightforward, they asks for applicants case number for determining the status. Permtracker is also another website which is almost similar to permchecker, these websites track your application through the case number provided. In addition, you may use the below mentioned website for checking your perm status.


Immihelp helps you to check your perm and lca requests online, they fetches the data from the US Labour department for checking your perm status. It is a fairly reliable website as the department of labour is updating daily through this website.

One can use any of these websites for checking their perm status hence avoiding long queues and un attended phone calls.

How Long Does it Takes To Process PERM?

Normally, if there isn’t any issue with your perm application, the process can take upto a total of 6 months. The duration may get extended due to some faults happened while filing up the application or due to some internal issues. Normally, Department of Labour is quite quick in rolling out status updates.

A perm certificate is valid upto a total of 180 days after it has been approved. USCIS won’t accept any further I-140 filings after the expiry of Perm status. So, it is advised to ensure the filing before the expiry of Perm status.

Still having further doubts on perm status? Do, comment your concerns we will be getting back to you at the earliest with proper solutions. IIf you don’t want to miss our on latest dv lottery status and updates please be sure that you have subscribed to our mailing list.

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