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How To Get Greencard Through Investment?

If you are thinking Diversity Lottery is the only way of getting into the United States of America as a permanent resident, I’m sorry to say. You are wrong. There are numerous other ways to get hold of a US greencard. If you are willing to invest a certain amount of money in certain sectors in the United States, then you might end up owning a permanent residence in the United States of America. Well, it is not that easy as it sounds. You have to undergo a rigourous application process just like the dv lottery application process.

The greencard visa issued through investment is commonly known as EB-5 Visa. Unlike other EB visas this doesn’t need any sponsorship. Apart from that USCIS doesn’t expect the applicant to be super advanced in his professional or academic skills. Let’s now have a peek into the major requirements of EB-5 Visa.

greencard lottery through investment


What are the Major Requirements of EB-5 Investor Visa Program?

Well like any other US Visa process, EB-5 is also having a rigourous process. Here are some of the major requirements of EB 5 Investor program.

  • An Applicant is expected to invest 1,800,000 USD in any US company. The amount sounds ridiculous for any common person, well this is for the cream people who looks forward to build a business empire in the United States by investing huge amount of money. Well there are some relaxations if you are willing to invest in rural areas or areas with higher level of unemployment. In those areas you are expected to invest 900,000 USD.
  • Just having the money won’t fetch you a US greencard, you have to present a detailed business plan on how your investment is going to enrich US economy.
  • The company in which you are investing should be able to generate atleast 10 full time jobs.

These are some of the major requirements for EB-5 investor visa program.

How To Apply For an EB-5 Investor Program?

We have gone through the major requirements for getting a greencard through investment, if you are having the said amount for funding you are very well good to apply for the program. So, how to apply for EB-5 visa is another major question.

An appplicant has to follow the following steps for applying.

  • The applicant must submit Form I-526 to USCIS. Form I-526 s nothing but an evidence given by the applicant in creation of new jobs. He/She must also prove the source of fund.
  • If the application is approved, the second step is to apply for a Green Card using Form I-485. The Green Card issued is conditional for the time being.
  • After the completion of two years, applicant has to submit Form I-829 for removing the conditions imposed on greencard. USCIS will be accessing whether the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements. One major area USCIS will look into is job creation.

I hope, I have given you a brief idea about how to get greencard through investment and how the application process works. If you are still having any doubts or concerns regarding the same, please do share it with us under the comment section. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates of DV lottery and other US Immigration news.

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  1. Respected Sir;
    I was applied for the DV-lottery 2021 but was not selected for further processing,
    but it stated that to keep the confirmation number up to September 30,2021.
    I don’t know why I should keep that, If I was not selected?

    1. If they have asked you to keep the confirmation numbers, just keep it with you meanwhile prepare your application for dv lottery 2022. If they come short of the alloted numbers there is a bleak chance of rolling out the lottery again ( this has never happened before) may be this is because of the covid 19 scenario.

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