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How to Check DV Lottery 2022 Results?

dv lottery 2022 status

If you have applied for DV Lottery 2021 and is waiting for the results, then you are at the right place. Here, I will help you on how to check DV lottery 2022. Every year around 55,000 families around the globe will get lucky enough to enter the United States of America as a greencard holder which is nothing less than a US citizenship. Some of you might have stumbled upon this artice without knowing much about the process, well then kindly do read my other articles where I have explained the entire dv lottery process. Without wasting time, let me get straight into the topic.

How To Check DV Lottery 2022 Results?

.According to the official website one can expect DV Lottery 2022 results by May 8, 2021.  Follow the below mentioned steps for checking your DV Lottery 2022 results. If you are still in doubt please do use the comment section below.  Click on the link given below for checking DV Lottery 2022 Results

Check Your DV Lottery 2022 Results 

Once you have landed upon the official website, click on check status for viewing your DV Lottery 2022 status. For checking your dv lottery 2022 status make sure you have your Entrant’s confirmation number with you. The website will ask you to enter your entrant’s confirmation number, year of birth and family name. If you are selected for DV Lottery 2022 you will be redirected to a confirmation page which provides further information. There are 100’s of shady websites on DV Lottery, so make sure you have checked your entrant status through the official website.

USCIS will never send mail notification letters nor notify selectees through email or other means. The only way to know your entrant status is through the official website mentioned above. Once selected your biggest head ache will be the further documentation for US DV Lottery interview. Kindly go through our previous articles for finding out the list of documents for DV Lottery interview.

DV Lottery status check wishes you all the very best for your DV Lottery 2022 Results and interview, if you are still having doubts regarding how to check dv lottery status kindly use the comment section. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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