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DV Lottery Visa Interview – Schedule, Reschedule and Process

DV lottery Visa Interview Reschedule

The Green card lottery or the diversity lottery 2021 is a U.S. immigration program that targets to increase the number of immigrants from the countries with a comparatively lower level of immigration to the United States of America. Every year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) makes 50000 green cards available for the people around the world. Every year approximately 1 million people around the globe apply for the 50,000 spots available for selected countries. As of now, DV Lottery stands among the most difficult US immigration program due to its lower conversion rate.

Eventhough Greencard lottery process assess your education qualifications, age, and other factors the final result is being rolled out randomly. That is, your country of origin, education, age and all other factors will be have no influence on your final result. Green card applicants who pass the eligibility criteria are selected randomly selected through a computer-generated system for the green card interview. Even though only 50000 visas are available, the USCIS selects around 100000 candidates for the interview. Before attending the interview, you will have to

  • Meet green card lottery eligibility requirements, including your education and work qualification.
  • Confirm your qualifications.
  • Submit a visa application.
  • Prepare supporting documents.
  • Review any additional information provided by the US Embassy or Consulate.

Then, you will have to prepare for the interview once you receive a notification of your scheduled green card lottery visa interview. Preparing for the interview is quite important and you should take the following steps to increase your chance of getting selected for the green card.

DV Lottery Interview – Preparation, Scheduling and Rescheduling

  1. Review the scheduling Information.

Carefully Review your scheduling information in the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website, noting the date, time, and location of your immigrant visa interview.

  1. Review U.S. Embassy or Consulate Interview Instructions

The US Embassy or Consulate at which you are attending your visa interview may provide you with specific instructions. It is imperative that you follow those instructions.

  1. Schedule and Complete a Medical Examination

You, along with each family member applying for a visa with you, are required to schedule a medical appointment with an authorized physician in your country before attending your visa interview. Your physician should give you a concealed medical exam envelope, which should be brought without any tampering to your scheduled Green card lottery interview. It is very important that the envelope is left sealed. However, some physicians will send the medical exam results directly to the embassy or consulate.

  1. Gather Photographs and All Remaining Required Documents

Each DV applicant should necessarily bring two identical photos to the interview. Each applicant will also be required to present the following documents

  • Appointment information printed from the Entrant Status
  • DS-260 confirmation page
  • Passport
  • Original documents and one photocopy of civil documents submitted to KCC
  • Medical exam results in a sealed envelope
  • Evidence of Required DV Qualifying Education or Work Experience
  • English translations of documents that are not in the English language
  • Deportation Documentation, if applicable
  • Marriage Certificate, if applicable
  • Marriage Termination Documentation, if applicable
  • Custody Documentation, if applicable
  1. Paying Fees

Before the interview, each applicant must pay the Diversity Visa Lottery fee. For DV-2020 and DV-2019 applicants, the fee is $330 per person. This fee is non-refundable, whether a visa is issued or not. In most cases, the diversity visa fee should be paid before the interview, but some US Embassies and Consulates may collect the fee at the time of the visa interview.

Rescheduling Green Card Lottery Interview

If you are not able to attend your diversity visa interview, you will have to reschedule it to a different date. However, it is recommended that you attend the interview on the scheduled date, since postponing the interview will only reduce the chances of getting another interview call. Delaying your interview may cause you to lose your opportunity to immigrate through the DV program.

On completion of your visa interview, you will be informed about the status of your case. If denied, you will be informed why your case was ineligible to receive an immigrant visa. However, if your case is approved after your diversity visa interview, you will

  • Receive your passport with your immigrant visa stamped on one of the pages.
  • Receive a sealed immigration packet that must be presented to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the port of entry when you first arrive in the US as an immigrant. Similar to your medical examination results, the seal must not be opened.
  • Enter the US before the expiration date on your immigrant visa. Immigration visas are usually valid up to 6 months from the date of issuance.
  • Pay the immigrant visa fee before travelling to the US.
  • Make sure of the immunization of your children
  • Carry your X-ray reports with you

If everything goes well as planned you will be entering the United States of America as a greencard holder.

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