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Impact of Covid-19 on DV Lottery Application, Results and Interview

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Countries around the globe try to diversify their population which adds to the socio-economic development of the country. Diversity Lottery aka US Greencard is one such immigration program by USCIS ( United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) that seeks to increase the number of immigrants. United States being the richest country in the world, the number of applications to any of their immigration projects will be in millions. Covid-19 took the world by a storm and countries around the world have closed their borders, sports activities has been shut, people are asked to stay inside the house to be frank world came to a stand still. The last 2-3 weeks was like a spielberg movie but not with flying cars or anything fancy. Today in here we will be checking out the impact of Covid-19 on DV Lottery and other Visa processes.

However, as we all know, the world is currently suffering from the novel COVID 19 pandemic. Commercial transportation has been suspended in most countries and many flights are cancelled at the moment. The United State’s state department has recently announced that due to the surging COVID 19 cases, all processes related to green card visa will be delayed.

Unlike other visa programmes where there are no deadlines to fill in the application for a green card, the Diversity Visa lottery applicants must complete the entire process, including getting approval for all the applications, before October 1 every year, in order to become eligible for the green card lottery program that year.

This year, due to COVID 19, the USCIS offices are temporarily closed to the public, consulates worldwide are temporarily not processing visas, and the President is halting immigrant visa admissions. Therefore the Diversity Visa applications for FY2020 may not be processed within the fiscal year, as required.

Without a proper timeframe on when the world will recover from the COVID 19 pandemic, Diversity Visa applications for FY2021 may also be in jeopardy. The United States is planning to reallocate resources that would normally be focused on reviewing FY2021 DV entrants to the agency’s COVID-19 response. This move could delay the opening of FY2021 and therefore could reduce the window of the overall program at least by a month.

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